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Autumnal Hues

Apple Hues

Primrose Hill Mylands

Walls: Primerose Hill No.201. Lampshade and Base by Fermoie. Side Table by Benchmark.

Crisp apple green colours such as French Green No.187Serpentine No.192 and Primrose Hill No.201 have a delightfully fresh feel and are incredibly versatile. Soothing yet uplifting, green can be used throughout the home to bring a comfortable, calm vibe. Paired with white, light or citrus shades, it creates a more contemporary feel ideal for a kitchen, bathroom or entrance hall. Alternatively, rich dark accents and wenge lend a period touch which works wonderfully with ornate decorative accessories and bronzed gold highlights.

Pair French Green No. 187 with:


Pair Serpentine No.192 with:


Pair Primrose Hill No.201 with:


Borough Market No.38

From left to right: Wall: Mews Blue No.98, Floor: Borough Market No.38 Wall: Messel No.39, Skirting: Artillery Ground No.164, Floor: Downing Street No.10. Bench made by Ted Wood painted in Borough Market No.38.


Berry Hues

Blackberry Hues Mylands

First Image: Walls: Plum Tree No.283. Second Image: Walls: Arts Club No.281

Spice up your interiors with sumptuous rich plum shades, try Huguenot No.49Plum Tree No.283 or Rothschild Street No.296. Warm with immersive depth, these striking colours are unashamedly elegant. Add crisp white and silver accents to bring your scheme to life or pair with olive green, mustard yellow or copper for a more daring, evocative palette. Accessorise with luxurious fabric such as plush velvet for a sensual soft scheme – perfect for a boudoir feel or a welcoming, cosy snug.

Pair Huguenot No.49 with:


Pair Plum Tree No.283 with:


Pair Rothschild Street No.296 with:


Blackberry Hues Mylands

First Image: Walls, Skirting and Floor Plum Tree No.283. Second Image: Higgins Coffee painted in Mylands Blackout No. 41


Pumpkin Hues

Pumpkin Hues Circle Line No45

Circle Line No.45

Vibrant pumpkin yellow and orange colours such as Golden Square No.131Lolly Pop No.275Haymarket No.47 and Circle Line No.45 bring a gorgeous glow to interiors. Whether used in a full scheme or as an accent, these colours really pack a punch. Layer tonally or with each other for a striking statement scheme or use more sparingly for a bright pop of colour amongst a neutral palette. Grey is the perfect foil; teamed with ochre it creates a stylish, modern scheme that’s one of this year’s hottest looks.

Pair Golden Square No.131 with:


Pair Lolly Pop No.275 with:


Pair Haymarket No.47 with:


Pair Circle Line No.45 with:


Pumpkin Hues Mylands

From left to Right: Walls: Lolly Pop No.275 and Pure White No.1. Second image: Walls: Haymarket No.47, Skirting: Blackout No. 41, Floor: Charterhouse No.4.


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