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Choosing Finish

Mylands paints are available in a range of finishes to suit every application.

The superior quality of our paints, mixed using traditional techniques with rare earth pigments and resins, makes them not only captivating but also highly durable, suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Our matt emulsion paints offer great coverage and depth of cover, and are ideal for use on interior walls. They’re especially good at camouflaging small wall bumps, cracks, or other imperfections, as this finish does not reflect light. 

While our matt paints are incredibly hard wearing, with our washable marble matt in particular suitable for high traffic areas, they also have a beautiful finish that lasts very well.

Our water based hi-sheen gloss and semi-sheen eggshells are the perfect finish for wood and metalwork around the home, protecting fixtures and fittings while showing them off beautifully.

For a more period look, we also offer durable, flat, water-based matt finish for wood and metal, that provides the perfect flat finish for period features.


Marble Matt Emulsion

Containing ground marble powder, our exclusive Marble Matt delivers a fantastic depth of colour and luminescence, as well as outstanding durability.

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Water-based Matt

A perfect matt appearance paint for interior and exterior woodwork and metalwork.

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Water-based Eggshell

The classic slight gloss finish of eggshell for interior and exterior woodwork and metalwork.

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Floor Paint

Durable, mid-sheen paint with a satin sheen finish suitable for use indoors on old, tired or bare wooden floors.

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Exterior Masonry

Walls, brickwork and render, Mylands Exterior Masonry paint has a beautiful flat matt appearance yet is hardwearing, weatherproof and mildew resistant.

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Wood Primer and Undercoat

A resilient and high coverage primer to prepare surfaces prior to using the gloss, matt or eggshell paints.

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Metal Primer and Undercoat

A quick drying, anti-corrosive primer and undercoat for new and previously painted metal surfaces.

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Stain Block Primer

A quick drying Shellac-based primer.

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Trade Spray

Our colours are also available in spray paints for high quality kitchens and bespoke joinery.

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